New Video + writing + song on TV

19 days till I make my new record. AAHHHH!! It’s gonna be great. Nothing like a deadline and panic to keep the creative juices flowing!

February is looking a lot like…wake, coffee, piano, guitar, voicenote, computer, piano, coffee, paper & pencil lyrics, eggs, computer, piano, voice note,  think think think, exercise, coffee, voicenoteidea, piano, guitar, snack, computer, checkinstagram, coffee, piano, guitar voicenotemelody, computer, read, bed, anxietydream, repeat.  In-between I am catching some great conversations with friends and watching youtube videos of Beyonce, of course.

I’m excited to share with you this video for a song that will be on the new record called “Chosen“.

It was filmed a year ago at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City where folk (and all those blurred lines around the genre) artists gather to showcase, learn and jam into the wee hours. I have made some incredible friends there over the last many years and this video captures many of them helping me debut my new song. An incredible community and my favourite activity of collaboration!

The video was made by a kind duo of lads from Ireland who call themselves Ambiguous Fiddle.

Tonight, I had a song on a new TV series called Lucifer . It’s called CHAINS and I wrote it in Nashville last May with artist Andrew Combs and producer Jeff Bowman. It was a fun one to make.

Creatively vibing….



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I have been traveling this past year to Nashville, Los Angeles and Ireland to write both solo and with new people. I want to make a new record that will be a synthesis of the array of music I love to listen to and a reflection of my expanding collaborations.

I’ve asked a magical producer/songwriter to lead this project. His name is JOE HENRY… an incredible spirit. We met at the Edmonton Folk Festival in Alberta, Canada in 2012. Since then we have visited over coffee and rich conversation about songs, guitars and life. I’m honoured by his friendship and delighted he will be guiding this next record.

Joe has produced and written songs for an eclectic array of artists including Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Aimee Mann, Bruce Cockburn, Elvis Costello, Madonna & the late Allen Toussaint.  Joe has a beautiful repertoire of his own songs on his own records and I am a true fan of his poetic, visceral writing.

Check him out here:

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Canadian Thanksgiving in the USA

The last several years I have ended up in Boston for Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s a great place to celebrate the summer’s harvest with the wonderful family of friends I have there. I will be celebrating there again and YOU CAN COME! I’m playing TWO SHOWS at my beloved CLUB PASSIM where some dear friends and I will be thankful all night! TICKETS HERE

I had the utmost honour of opening a few shows for MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER this summer and I will be joining her again for a 8 more shows in the U.S. Midwest (IL, IA, MN, WI) in October. It’s absolutely a thrill to share the stage with someone I admire so deeply. Please check the ‘TOUR” page for details and tickets.

At OLD FARM PONY RECORDS HQ, we are beaming with pride as FORTUNATE ONES  have recently received  3 Canadian Folk Music Award Nominations and 7 Music Newfoundland & Labrador Award Nominations! They have also been selected as one of 3 winners of the JUNO Master Class an exceptional Canadian mentorship program for emerging artists!  Nothing but momentum after an incredible summer festival circuit as their second single ‘Lay Me Down’ hit #1 on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 Countdown.  They are on the road again across the country so please check their schedule and meet up with them on the way! for details!


Otherwise I’m working on songs for a new record and dreaming of how and when to make it.
Bring on the cozy friggen sweaters!



I’m excited to be expanding my business ventures into helping other artists I love and believe in, kick some ass.  My own label OLD FARM PONY RECORDS has existed since I started in 2006 and I have always dreamed of making it a home for other artists as well. This year, on FEBRUARY 10th,  OLD FARM PONY will be release THE BLISS by the incredibly talented, Newfoundland duo, FORTUNATE ONES  !

Join me in this next chapter as I percolate on my own writing and watch these two soar into 2015!


Here is the official video for their title track!
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May music be the holy word….

There is a certain freedom in singing someone else’s song.  I’ve always loved choosing songs from the 70’s & 80’s, ones I know the words to only because it played on AM radio while I was young and I didn’t care about the band, just the chorus & affectation placement. Interpreting them sheds a new light on the message for me.

I also love singing songs written by my friends. I’m lucky to know so many great songwriters who write songs I wish I had written. So I borrow their songs too and hope to spread their gospel along the way.

I’m excited to share this new little EP I made called “STRAY BIRDS”. It’s a special collection of cover songs, like I describe above, some you might know and some by my friends. I have also included TWO NEW SONGS that I have been playing for the last year or so, STRAY BIRDS & FARMER’S WIFE.

With my winter broken elbow, I learned how to develop B&W film, and print in the darkroom, something I hadn’t done since high school. It was a great way to spend the dark season, shooting the light against the film, using the dark to bring light back to photograph. The photo on the cover is one I took, developed and printed of my father’s hands, holding a new chick in spring, on the farm in PEI. This may be my favourite part.

OUT SEPT 2, 2014
EP Tracks:
1) If You Could Read My Mind – Gordon Lightfoot
2) Shake – Lori McKenna
3) Stray Birds – Rose Cousins
4) What’s Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner
5) Farmer’s Wife – Rose Cousins
6) Tired Eyes – Mark Erelli

“may my heart be forever stirred
and music be the holy word
and you and I be stray birds”

Hope you enjoy!




Brave and Badass

I saw Leslie Feist tonight. She was alone on stage playing the bones of the songs we have grown to know. New twists on familiar melodies. A woman, who alone is as mighty as her most recent, massive band. Two songs in, she confessed to nerves.

Before her, played her friend, Kevin Drew. Lone wolf.  Normally backed by a huge band of friends in Broken Social Scene, sometimes including his pal Feist. He too, nervous and generous with his vulnerability.

A special guest, their friend, our Canadian hero, Gord Downie, joined them, with humour and in the utmostest of mutual respect and admiration. They sing “Flamenco” from The Hip’s  1996 Trouble in the Henhouse.  A moment.

Easily three of the most powerful, popular people in Canadian music. Stars. Brave enough to create what is theirs and rock out on stage with a huge band to masses. Brave enough to book a solo tour and return to the songs on their own, with nerves and confidence.  Friends, singing each other’s songs. Sharing the stage because they love each other and because it’s just as much a thrill for them as it is for us in our seats, losing our minds as witnesses to what may never be replicated.

I spent the weekend at the East Coast Music Awards, singing on stages with my friends and my heroes. My version of the same thing. No matter the geographic location, the kind of music or the number of years in the business, music is a community I feel extremely lucky to be a part of. It’s an electric thing.

Leslie Feist, Kevin Drew, Gord Downie are pals.
Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, and Buddy Miller are good buds.

Reassuring and inspiring to see heroes can be nervous and excited while being completely badass.

I love music. Kevin Drew’s new record, Darlings, is great. Get it.