Stray Birds
oh I have turned
oh I have turned
I have heard your heart yearn
and you and I are stray birds

all I have known
all I have known
into the sky we have flown
and by the sun we will not burn
cause you and I are stray birds

promise in the dark
promise in the dark
we are here near or far
the seeds will fall, the earth be turned
but you and I are stray birds

to the road I’m bound
to the road I’m bound
but love will travel all around
of nothing are we ever sure
cause you and I are stray birds

feather on a wing
I learn the hard way, I learn to sing
the pleasure of the setting sun
so soon a new day has begun
I’m happy as the wandering one

may my heart be forever stirred
and music be the holy word
and you and I be stray birds

Farmer’s Wife
I will make a meal for you and bring it to the field
I will do this every day and not say how I feel
I will bring the kids so they can see that you work hard
I will stay up late to hear you drive into the yard

I will give the shelves a dust on Sunday afternoon
You will be relaxing as the children watch cartoons
I will tend the blooming flowers all along the house
I will put you all the bed, quiet as a mouse


I will feel the seasons change and shift around the coats
what it is I do all day, no one really knows
but I can tell by the clouds, what the sky will bring
and I will do my change in silence and teach the kids to sing


I will hang the clothes to dry in the summer wind
I will breathe as day grows nigh
and we’ll begin again

Copyright 2013 Rose Cousins (SOCAN). All rights reserved.