New Video + writing + song on TV

19 days till I make my new record. AAHHHH!! It’s gonna be great. Nothing like a deadline and panic to keep the creative juices flowing!

February is looking a lot like…wake, coffee, piano, guitar, voicenote, computer, piano, coffee, paper & pencil lyrics, eggs, computer, piano, voice note,  think think think, exercise, coffee, voicenoteidea, piano, guitar, snack, computer, checkinstagram, coffee, piano, guitar voicenotemelody, computer, read, bed, anxietydream, repeat.  In-between I am catching some great conversations with friends and watching youtube videos of Beyonce, of course.

I’m excited to share with you this video for a song that will be on the new record called “Chosen“.

It was filmed a year ago at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City where folk (and all those blurred lines around the genre) artists gather to showcase, learn and jam into the wee hours. I have made some incredible friends there over the last many years and this video captures many of them helping me debut my new song. An incredible community and my favourite activity of collaboration!

The video was made by a kind duo of lads from Ireland who call themselves Ambiguous Fiddle.

Tonight, I had a song on a new TV series called Lucifer . It’s called CHAINS and I wrote it in Nashville last May with artist Andrew Combs and producer Jeff Bowman. It was a fun one to make.

Creatively vibing….