I spent a great deal of last year in a slight panic.  Did I have it in me to be this vulnerable again? Can I survive all the touring again? I felt change and though it’s most always a good thing, it’s also unnerving.

With one month to go,  I’m starting to remember that there is a connection that happens each time I do this. The deep hole of anticipation is a lonely place, overcrowded with overthinking. But this release involves so many more. I’m reminded just how many people it took to make this thing happen and my energy is shifting.  I’m thinking about what I can do to make this an amazing show for everyone who continues to be so generous in my career.

‘Natural Conclusion’ is the best thing I’ve made. I don’t think anything will change the way I feel about that. It came from the depths and I made it with people I deeply respect. The band I will play this record with I’m honoured by in advance.  I hope we can make some serious magic for everyone we play for.

Let the feelings flow people. Let’s do this.

See you really soon,